Business Management consultancy

we Bring the power of Insight to every great professional decision.

We Help organisations to solve issues, create calue, maximise griwth and improve business performance.we use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help your organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking . we primarilu focus on strategy, structure, management and operation of your firm. we identify optionsfor the firm and suggest recommendatins for change as well as advision on additional resources to implement solutions.

Legal & Financial Consultancy

Markup Corporate Solutions LLP provides clients with its valuable legal and financial consultancy services that play an important role in their decision making and negitiation processes. we offer detail information on possible legal & Financial obstacles and solutions to Start, Run, Expansion or diversification.From Company Formation to Legalizing, from Licensing to Certification, From Taxation to accounting and audit, From Legal complaincesto financial complainces we deliver right in & out insight at right time.

IT & Design Consultancy

Having a team of creative & IT Experts who are creating and dicussing dozens of ideas everyday is blessings for a firm.

We deliver best in line IT & Design services for our clients to help them grow online as well as offline. we help our clients in creating online presence, Website & App development, Creating product displays, assisting in marketing process, suggesting or providing them relevent softwares to grow or to help them in easy of doing business. designing marketing colletorals, product catelog, Product displays, Website, software and mobile applications etc are our focus areas.

Brand & Marketing Consultancy

From finding out your needs to creating a strategy, from what you are doing to what you will do, how you are doing to how you will do, where you are doing to where you will do, when you are doing to when you will do and at what price you are doing to which price you will do, we take care of all your business information from asking, knowing and analysising you and your market. we will create a blueprint for your firm. We will help you with analysis, solutions and general marketing expertise to help you successfully sell your products as well as position your products or services as Brand in your target market.

Online & Oflline business Advisory

Markup Corporate Solutions LLP is having experts who help and grow business online.

In the Era of IoT and E-Commerce every client wants to make their online presence to sell their services or product. We the team full of ideas helps business to grow, expand and diversify their business through internet. Creating Online business strategy, Developing and creating team to handle business online, Online Expansion Strategy,online Diversification strategy and strategy to run it successfully is our prime focus.

Tendor & Audit

Creating a financial Profile of your firm is very much required.

If your business is growing or you want to diversify your business, you will need funds from banks, Market or any Investors. For the fact you will be asked for your business Financial profile. Auditing, P&L statements, Trade Statements, Balancesheet etc are the basic requirements for Loan, Investments or tendor. We are having best in class Account Professionals who will help and assist you to grow your business by sharing business financial insights and Auditing.

Tax & accounting

These days financial complaincences are playing pivotel roll in decrading or disturbing business operations.

To run your business successfull your taxation and accounting should be regular and periodically on time. This will also help you saving your penalties as well as promoting your business without any liablities. We help you with GST Registration, GST Filling, Income tax Return and other Taxation and accounting services on time.

Hiring & Placement Consultancy

When unexpected opportunities or challanges arise, you may not have right knowlwdge in house to get to the best results.

we brings professionals to you from short term engagements to long term engagements, Outside experts as advisors, Industry experts & Experienced professionals for training and development as well as thought leaders in your organization to share market insights and values on your venues. we help and assist you in hiring and recruting for Top management, middle and moderate level managers as well as Security, staffing and other skilled and unskilled manpower hiring.

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